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Writers’ Secrets Second Event: Letter from You

ayo ayo ayo!

Writers' Secrets


Dengan semakin berkembangnya Writers’ Secrets, kami merasa perlu menerima feedback dari pembaca sekalian. Karena bersosialisasi adalah hubungan dua arah, bukan? Kami pun tak akan lengkap tanpa masukan kalian. Kamu punya ide untuk event WS selanjutnya? Atau punya banyak uneg-uneg yang ingin diutarakan? Atau punya banyak pertanyaan seputar WS yang masih mengganjal? Event ini bersentris ke kalian yang menjawab ‘yes‘ untuk banyak pertanyaan di atas.

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Special Event: Out of Playroom

Out of playroom no tipu-tipu!

Writers' Secrets

Ada pepatah kuno yang menyebutkan; tak kenal maka tak sayang. Maka Special Event: Out of Playroom ini digelar untuk memperkenalkan dua belas kontributor berbakat Writers’ Secrets angkatan 2016, menggarap tujuh genre fan fiksi/fiksi orisinil yang relatif belum banyak dikupas. Ketujuh genre (dan persyaratannya), adalah …

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Hai, Dhilu!

don’t hesitate



  1. What kind of insect is Dhila most annoyed of?
    • Flies.
  2. How does Dhila relieve her stress?
    • She sings as if she is in karaoke.
  3. What kind of top (clothing) does Dhila like to wear?
    • Tee.
  4. What is Dhila hate the most during summer?
    • Heatwave.
  5. What is Dhila’s favorite dish?
    • Anything with chicken in it.
  6. What is Dhila’s favorite animation movie?
    • Big Hero 6.
  7. Who is Dhila’s favorite singer?
    • Probably Ed Sheeran.
  8. What is Dhila’s favorite flower?
    • Magnolia.
  9. What is number one on Dhila’s bucket list?
    • Living my own life.
  10. What is Dhila’s favorite color?
    • Cadet.
  11. What is Dhila’s favorite color of clothing?
    • Anything in earthy tone and monochrome.
  12. What is Dhila’s favorite sport?
    • Bulutangkis.
  13. What kind of weather does Dhila like when she goes for a walk?
    • Cloudy&Windy day. (Okay, thats two, and im sorry)
  14. What is Dhila’s zodiac sign?
    • Scorpio.
  15. What song is Dhila listening to while she is…

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Twenty Things About Futureasy

My new escapade



  1. Your real name?
  • The name’s Dhila. People usually go with Dhila or Kakdhila or even Kakdhil. I love it!
  1. Your current pen-name? When do you start using your current pen-name?
  • My first pen-name was dhiloo98, I used it since 2013.
  • Nowadays I prefer using futureasy as my pen-name, Im using it since, around 2015, I think?
  1. Story behind your pen-name?
  • The name dhiloo98 came after my own nickname, Dhila, with some absurd editing skills, you can see that in the double o letter, which represents me and my —that time—bias, B.A.P’s Zelo. The 98 came from my year of birth.
  • The latter, futureasy, which I use now and probably later, was made very unintendedly. But yeah, it means; may my future —and your future— be easy, easy on us, easy to be changed, easy so that we can always thank God, blahblah. It sounds nice in my ears, so I…

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