Hai, Dhilu!

don’t hesitate



  1. What kind of insect is Dhila most annoyed of?
  • Flies.
  • How does Dhila relieve her stress?
    • She sings as if she is in karaoke.
  • What kind of top (clothing) does Dhila like to wear?
    • Tee.
  • What is Dhila hate the most during summer?
    • Heatwave.
  • What is Dhila’s favorite dish?
    • Anything with chicken in it.
  • What is Dhila’s favorite animation movie?
    • Big Hero 6.
  • Who is Dhila’s favorite singer?
    • Probably Ed Sheeran.
  • What is Dhila’s favorite flower?
    • Magnolia.
  • What is number one on Dhila’s bucket list?
    • Living my own life.
  • What is Dhila’s favorite color?
    • Cadet.
  • What is Dhila’s favorite color of clothing?
    • Anything in earthy tone and monochrome.
  • What is Dhila’s favorite sport?
    • Bulutangkis.
  • What kind of weather does Dhila like when she goes for a walk?
    • Cloudy&Windy day. (Okay, thats two, and im sorry)
  • What is Dhila’s zodiac sign?
    • Scorpio.
  • What song is Dhila listening to while she is…
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