[Dramione] Incommensurate


Harry Potter!AU // 175 w // Dramione

presented by dhiloo98


The instant they arrived, Hermione dropped Harry’s hand

and walked away from him, finally sitting down on a large rock;

her face on her knees,

shaking with what he knew were sobs.

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#8 End.


Feat. Giella and Hansol Vernon

Family, Angst, Tragedy, Dark | General | 200 words


Lalu si gadis berjuak dengannya, di tempat itu,

tepat di tengah kabut khas dini hari.”

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[Creepy-Riddle] Red Gown


Prompter-Fic with Creepy Sauce and Riddle Insidedhiloo98

Main Cast : [B.A.P] Kim Himchan, and OC Genre : Canon, Horror!AU, Tragedy, Mistery, Crime!Slight | Adapted from an Urband Legend : [Red Robe]

Rating : General | Duration : Vignette [1382 Words]

Notes : Credit langsung kepada Urban Legend bersangkutan. Tidak dibuat untuk menyinggung pihak maupun ajaran lain.

"Mimpi yang paling menakutkan itu adalah ketika kau sadar kau tak sedang bermimpi."ㅡby Bapkyr [@bapkyr]

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